About Me

Hack of all trades.... Business Analyst, Process Improvement, Web Design, UI/UX Design and so on!

Currently working full time doing front end development (Vue), but always interested in cool job offers*

Current side projects:

TailwindToolbox.com 📈

Open source Tailwind CSS templates, components and a directory to useful Tailwind products/projects across the web.

Monetised via ads and affiliate schemes (also been a great way to meet other makers)

Screenshot of the TailwindToolbox.com homepage

AlpineToolbox.com 📈

Similar to Tailwind Toolbox, but for Alpine.js which I fell in love with.

Screenshot of the AlpineToolbox.com homepage


Never really got around to this


Still intend to create this

* - I love coding because I love problem solving - but I code-by-google (or second answer on stack overflow) - so there's no chance I'd ever pass a test 🤣, but I bring a lot of across the board IT skills to the table.