Tailwind Toolbox

Tailwind Toolbox

Open source Tailwind CSS templates, components and a directory to useful Tailwind products/projects across the web.


Established in 28 Sep 2018, Tailwind Toolbox was setup initially to try and collate all useful resources for Tailwind CSS (just before v0.7.0 was released!)

My original idea for it was to:
* Link to starter templates for different languages and
* Create some wireframe templates which people could take as a starting point and develop...

However, as with most things, a little bit of tweaking and playing around quickly escalated into basic templates - which anyone could take and do anything with.

Free templates (including one which is based on the old Ghost theme!)


The aim of the site was to just load super fast - so I knocked up some basic PHP  pages and setup a JSON array to act as a database.  The pages simply render filtered views of the array!

More to follow